Poem – An imaginary city

The day was felicitous

The children are no longer children

The young plan is no longer little

The plan of those days was a picture of an imaginary city

Every new day, we picture

Those imaginary city full of feverish

We pray about them

We work towards them

Those imaginary city are friendishly beautiful

The finch wake up very early at night

Then starts tracing those imaginary beauty

The finery are worn on those days of imaginary city full of diamonds

Those diamonds are shiny and beautiful

A fitful night sleep

We relax on the bed

To enjoy picturing those beautiful imaginary places

Those imaginary city are beauty

And it takes Grace to locate them

Poem-Tough call (Gideon Adjei)

The sun glinted on the window, All l saw the windows being painted yellow ,They are very beautiful ,the sun and the window ,They match together beautifully

That morning the moon alighted in,And that beautiful sunlight was off ,l heard a Tough call ,My name was mentioned in the call ,It was a Tough call indeed! I can’t reject the call, l have no power at all to deny, so then l have to leave

On that evening ,l saw the goldcrest,They were shining and beautiful goldcrest ,But am not there to watch them for long ,The call keeps ringing ,l cried out bitterly and all my life l didn’t want to die! ,This Tough call ,They are tough indeed but it will come someday

Poem- The journey of rejection( Gideon Adjei)

I began the race
Every one rejected my race
They mocked at my start
I cry out bitterly with sorrows
If l was in Hades
Many could have loved me deeply
The hail l climb l descend down been rejected

The journey of rejection
A land l was rejected
I was in hag-gard no soul visited
I waited for hours ,years no one visited
Many sees my shadow then they walk away
Today l succeeded the journey of rejection all away

I was griping inside
No soul came inside
To help me ,they rejected me so badly
As if l was bad
The woman l loved
She hated my shadow
This day I see those shadows of rejection in my heart

Success wish -writer (Gideon Adjei)

You can shine believe trust your self the might storms are not above you go and succeed don’t fall rise and smile with success home . The days pass and you still prevailing don’t lost hope finish harder believe the journey to success is in your heart , don’t give up in this life ,there is no glory without adversities no condition under the sun is above your limitations shine bright as you walk to succeed remember where you started yesterday . Have a blessed day and great work done as you walk along the path to success

Good bye – poem

The saddest thing to say goodbye A word that creates emotion in us goodbye ,The mouse ran up the clock struck one and down it run

Time passes and night falls and a new rainbow of a new beginning comes ,and all l could see from the clouds leaving me with words of goodbye

The Rough winds do shake the darling buds of December and the morning light brighten the years ahead with new beginning and Summer’s lease hath all too short a date

The rainbow clouds l see fading with goodbye ,The memories l see to be gainful ,The month l could only end with guessful

The past l would let go off in shadows ,The days we found with stress it’s over .It’s time to wave a goodbye in the clouds The time is drawn to claim great wishes with friends

And is time to move on with your years of brighter beginning with new friends, December a month of goodbye to all those who lost their way out it’s goodbye.

Swithold footed thrice the old;he met the nightmare and her nine-fold .The month of memories after the mighty storm of the days are passed shortly after their end was the path to end it shortly with words of goodbye

Writer:Adjei Gideon merry Christmas and many happy returns

Unexpected happened- poem

Life has been fruitful

Life has not been faithful

Everything was just all a sudden of surprise when l saw that clouds been painted blue

l taught of it again why should that be ?

Is it that the colour white does not match the clouds ?

Or is just there for a short while l guess, my heart has been in a vacuous manner for the things happening are just unexpected

The woman l loved she rejected me ,the one l don’t love she loves me so bardly
The unexpected days l see they are just soaken

They are terrible happenings in the past ,the clouds l see they are the dreams hidden down my heart

Which world are we ? Are we still in the darkness or light l guess we have to define that.

The battle l keep fighting each day to survive

I keep crying each day to succeed they are just shadows l imagine them to be, the unexpected happened each day with surprises

Writer- Gideon adjei